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i6 gas milage
less than 10 5%  5%  [ 1 ]
10-13 10%  10%  [ 2 ]
13-16 10%  10%  [ 2 ]
16-19 35%  35%  [ 7 ]
19-22 25%  25%  [ 5 ]
22-25 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
25 and up 15%  15%  [ 3 ]
Total votes : 20
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 Post subject: Re: i6 gas milage
PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:03 pm 
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HHO is silly, and somewhat impractical. Yes, you can possibly gain about 1mpg with a homebrew system. Is it worth the effort and money to put in? Probably not. Anything you hear about "Significant mileage gains" from HHO water misting is just plain misleading advertising. It's similar to the spark plug manufacturers that claim better fuel efficiency with their plugs vs others.

I had thought about building my own system to try out for the hell of it, but I seriously just want EFI.

The Eagle has a 258 engine stock (4.2l). Your numbers have to be seriously off if you calculated 45 highway and 15 city. The average may be correct, but the mileage does not fluctuate that much. Now if you have a well kept 4.0 engine with the O/D AW4, HEI, the lighter 242 t-case, higher numerical gears for easier take-off, AND driving in 2wheel only, I could believe 25-30mpg avg with a properly functioning carter carb. If you install a GM TBI or better yet Mopar MPI, those numbers will improve.

You're already way ahead of the game with that setup. I would like exactly that, but with 3.08 gears and TBI.

1982 AMC Eagle SX/4 Sport 4x4
-4.0l I6 Engine (circa 1996)
-GM Hydroboost Brakes
-TF998 Auto/NP129
-Carter BBD Carb
-MSD Streetfire Ignition/TFI
-Aluminum CJ Radiator
-205/75/R15 General Grabber A/T Tires

 Post subject: Re: i6 gas milage
PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:32 pm 

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Prior to the crash, I had actually gotten my car, with the Feedback BBD, up to 21 on all highway. That was rare, however. After I did the MC21xx conversion (GRONK), it actually went down to about 17-18 on the road and 14-15 in town (Actually what the EPA rating is now.) My belief for why it went down after the conversion is that I never had it properly timed. And mileage wasn't the reason for doing the swap (although I would have liked it to be a perk); it was the fact that the carb computer (proper term please??) would get goofy and cut power all of a sudden to where I couldn't accelerate. It got scary at times. (Stock 258, MC21xx GRONK carb, nutter, 2.35 gears, 195/75/15 Firestone Winterforce snow tires.)

I like to to tell people my Eagle is like a Ferrari. It's quirky, tempermental, border-line exotic, and something you don't see everyday. See? Makes perfect sense....

1985 AMC Eagle
1988 Lincoln Town Car

 Post subject: Re: i6 gas milage
PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 3:49 pm 
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Max98059's non-computer Carter BBD was dialed in by me for economy before he left and the AW4 has the .7 O/D, with a 9.5:1 compression 4.2L (rebuilt with earlier flat tops .030 before I got it). With the water vapor draw through the vacuum advance port ping didn't happen running at almost 20 BTDC. The timing chain is retarded 5 degrees (4.0L HO timing set) so power builds up in the higher RPM like the HO. 3.55 gears with 215/75/15s on alloys allowed it to cruise nicely at 55-70 mph at the beginning of it's power band. The AW4 is manually controlled lockup too.
Since I set it up by ear over the week before the trip, it was pretty close to stoich mixture. Plugs are NGK 2288s (BKR6EK) with HEI spark. No AC and no EGR (there but not working). High flow cat (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) with Flowmaster 40 series with 2.5" exhaust.
Interior was stripped down but it had almost 2,000lbs of stuff (2 adults and a baby too) The rear springs are an Eagle wagon pack with the Spirit main leaf added to fit. Front springs are stock Spirit with the 2wd upper arms giving it a major lift and allowing air to pass under. Front sat a bit lower than rear for airflow.

'87 Comanche 4x4 $3500

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