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Gil Irigoyen, Jr./ Great mew, bad news!
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Author:  baby eagle [ Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Gil Irigoyen, Jr./ Great mew, bad news!

Unlike Ken, John was able to located the real Gil. Ya!

Gil is going to do some mods to John's SX/4 and will post on the Den, as a user, but if needed a admin advice person.

Bad news is Gil SR. Died at age 82 begining of Feb 25,2013.
I was pointed to a very nice remember-ance of Gils father, John gave for both sites our deepest prayer and thoughts are with him, plus other stuff Gil has gone through.

Posted below is the link for Gil, Jr. Father. ... id=5441705
Ken knew aand visited both father and son back in 2007, don't why Ken connected with another man name Gil same last name same city, does own a eagle, invited to join here or Den for help, fun.
I don't know why Ken could not hear the differents?
John said Gil was helpful polite and a person on this sight health, John said everybody is ok!
Paula Proulx

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