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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 10:38 pm 

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The hate thrown at me from some at this and other sites can't go unanswered!
No Ken is not Jesus, maybe I am more out spoken then Ken.
You could steal his very life, and some strange way he would forgive you!
The Day Ken comes home, I will delete or ask that my coments/postings be deleted, he would mad at me to defend him
yet he defends others, I sent emails the dat after Ken was rushed in, to find a cause for his attacks, I called his friends, they hung up on me, I talked to the Gil guy, come to find out, theres lots of Gils in Texas, the guy owns a Eagle, that does not run.
He was not the Gil that Admined the old site, I still have to tell Ken that, What I never ever want to say is friends/people known for a long time, with such hatred, sent very degrading emails to our email accounts! Below there is a you tube event watch it? Read what happened next, both times, before you send hate by mail or IM's or stupid post,
I hope all of you remember the kindness of free rear shafts, bearings, heads, intake and out takes fuel pumps, and so much given for nothing, I hope for Gods sake maybe you'll think for a moment next time.
Not to be repeated to him, P0wn and Shagg please be ready to delete my post not id, when I PM you on Kens return home!

"Only adult site" Somebody said, "best Pedia" Ken knows nothing of your hang ups or no response/pls keep it that way!

I can't Show as I wanted to, According to my Attorney's, because I signed a contract with "Cancer Treatment Centers of America, worked out, in legal terms, All of Ken's months in the basement no windows, I called it at the time our grave before your final reasting place! All cost $453 Million was paid in whole by the center!
Which binds me to showing what this man went through, such as my IPhone video, of Ken, declared brain dead, getting ready to be butchard.
After wakeing to me a shear act of God, Ken under went much treatment, Our health insurance was maxed out "life time limit"
back then, During those times, 1.73 Million we had to pay, His Cancer is in the Bowls, Liver, Pancirc, "Spelled wrong".
How he walks talks today is not the same guy as things are hard for him, walking, saying or writing things on his mind, but we still love him!
Last year a metal valve was placed in his heart, a Pace Maker "ST Lukes" was also added cause the signal from the brain stem no longer kept in good contact with the heart Organ, also new not fully tested Ken ageed to what is called A "BRAIN PACE MAKER" on the right side of his head, the "Brain Maker" was free as he was a test case, there are two types of blood thiners one is given by IV in hospitals, they can regulate thick or thin blood fast as needed, there is also medication WARFARIN - ORAL (Coumadin), to thin ones blood, some here may be on it? In the Transfer between IV and the Medication which can take up to a week or More, everything did not go as planned, the IV was cut back to fast, Medications had to be changed, a clot
formed on the metal heart valve as the IV meds were increased, the clot partly disolved and went into Kens Head, he could not talk straight, he could not swallow cause it entered his lungs too, there are test, were they stick a camera tube up your nose to watch colored apple sauce, does it enter the wind pipe and such? Doctors reported to me that Ken would need a feeding tube for life, Ken was still awake at the time, I asked him "Do you want a feeding tube?" answer on paper "NO'! Then he wrote to me this " God granted me life into this world, one of a set of twins," yes Ken has a fat rolly twin John, never ever sick, who is married to my twin sister Pam, Pam and I were born 7 minutes apart, John and Ken 7 Minutes apart. He also wrote God gives life, God calls us home, Pls no feeding tube!" The next day Ken went into a coma again, Many weeks past,
But his wish this time, "If I Die, I want all my parts" so no organ giving. One Dr. David Lowney, called me, wanted to see me asap, no resan why, I took time off work, got to the hospital a nurse was waiting for me, I feared the end! I was moved very fast though hospital doors, floors rooms, as I entered a strange area its called "ICU" I was asked to gown up in greens,
Doctor Lowney took me into a glass sealed room, Ken was just laying there no tubes but one for his noes I think OX2, and one in his arm, Dr Lowney told me to try and say a simple word or words to him, I said "I Love YOU"
He openned his eyes and said "its about time you said the words rather then Dito" which I always use from the movie "Ghost"
Dr. Lowney, had run test from eary morning, Ken could swallow, talk pretty good, it was Ken's request that morning, that nobody be told unitl Doctors could give a good report on his condition to him first then to surprise me, again he said to all in the room "God gives, God takes away, why we don't know, but its clear to me, he has a job for me to do"
Thus we have the once repeat once dead, Ken living here today. I provided a link to YouTube as Ken and this young man are very close friends, Ken gave hime one of his prized Eagles, whatch the link, not possible many say, watch it!

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:24 am 

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SpreadEagle wrote:
baby eagle wrote:
I am Sorry every time I post the youtube like will not post so I will send as text copy into your browser.


Fixed it. You were missing the first part of the tag.

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