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The Den Opinions Post?
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Author:  baby eagle [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:16 pm ]
Post subject:  The Den Opinions Post?

I am very happy to see all the old folks like me here, Hello!

Alot of people with the Den Nest crap, just get to Crazy!
I Will Say this simple, once, we did not hi-lack the Nest!
To be clear, what you see now as the Den, without the word Den.
Was to be the new update to the Nest.
When the update Stated to sink up with the nest files.
Steve, emailed me, and wanted to know why the update was a day late.
Free I might add, since we were listed under "whois" ownership "Simply Twin Combustion Inc.
The King of the hill was not happy.
He threatened to file a law suit on the hosting company so they shut down the servers
until a court order was produced. I have all the bills, paid by me.
Ken got fed up and refused to pay the old hosting company any more money.
So the update sat ideal for a month, we were going to abandon the whole thing.
The Nest Never came up online, we could not move the dsn from the old company cause everything was locked down.
Some place by a person in July had a brain child, cal it the "Den" for grown up Eagle members.
We acted out of concern to save the nest period.
When we first came online no Nest was on-line yet.
It was online from July 4, 2013 on, but password protected, so unless you knew the url and Standard user/paseword.
You could not see it, some could as we spread the news, George at the hosting company 2by2 wanted it online to advertise there work. We did as asked, for a while it was cool, then crap started flying.
Ins Kens absents I hve ordered the upgrade to "WordPress" to continue and be up this week,
Subjects all post will be on "WordPress" the new site.
But under my control and I so hope many others, All Former Id's from the nest, in use or band or anything will be deleted.
Anybody who wants to join can by Creating a new id or your old if you wish as all but mine will again be DELETED.
BUT YOU MUST REREG. AS A NEW MEMBER. This will remove any conflict we users on the Nest.
As most things the king reads things wrong so does his so called "free hindges and wrote new nest crap.
Read the bylaws under libaray of congress, iternet rules as voted on passed into law in 1998 under the Al Gore bill.
" Any open forums, blogs or such items that can be read from anybody around the word is considered public property and no person or state can claim right to the info cotained within"
The Nest had a "Guest" pass you could not read the pedia, and could not post, but most subjects were opened to everybody to look at and read, "Thus public Property"
I have heard from Ken, the King wants to file charges on this site and others, the "pedia" is his domain"
So nothing you added since if you read Ling Trash mouth is yours?
Only One "pedia shall be on the net, so he wants it. To be shown charged for on the "Nest"!
Please don't give in to King nut head, its yours keep in.
I think some other friendly site as they add stuff as you do, should sink the two or three "pedia's up every so offen to keep dupps of the best Eagle Tech data we can have. Another subject for another day.
Last Smf version is going to stay up, but again repeating myself. ALL IDS ON AMCEAGLESDEN WILL BE DELETED! and as at one time long ago on the NEST under Gils Dougs and others control you counld not get to or read the "pedia" only primum members could. So shall the SMF VERSION BE SUBJECT IN A SORT OF SAME WAY.
All you have to do is be a New Member of the Den "WordPress" site and ask or reg to view the SMF site, as it will not be be able to be seen to anybody except by going thru the new "wordPress site" then creating a new or use your old id to enter the SMF Den site, I own and have copies of data lost recovered by my son, all the Kings deletes shall be restored and kept on the SMF DEN site when everything is sinked up.
My only thought, and feed back would be great, Should the seen Word Press New site, start fresh, meaning not just deleting
All the active and banned ID's should we also delete most subjects, keep the rules, and the thats the same on most any sites
and then, we will have I hope new members, starting new subjects, or resarting some old one's, but on the seeable den "WordPress" site it will all be new, everything from scratch? What does anybody think? Remember all the old stuff in short time will be on the hidden userid passcoded "SMF Den Site as while the ever changing Pedia" in the backround?
From 2001-2013 even stuff he has on his site now the "Nest will be sinked up, then detached forever. no more bitching or crap.
Just Beer for everybody, kiss the King goodbye.
Though I am a wine cooler Girl!
Sorry about mispells leneth of subject, you really need spell check, just a high school girl no fancy ed. so spelling is not my strong suit. Well think about it and start a thread hash it out or vote on it
Give me feedback good or bad. May the idea of the Nest as the Eagle live on forever in some form.
Goodnight folks
Paula Proulx

Author:  ROLLGUY [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 9:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?

Although I don't understand all the website acronyms, and any of the technical stuff, I can only say that I desire to have only one copy of the nest or den online. I don't want to post on both sites anymore. It seems that the nest as it is, will fade away anyway, knowing what has happened. After the dust clears, if all that is left is the Eaglesden (or reverting back to Eaglenest) and AMC evolution, I can live with that. It does not look like Evo is going anywhere anyway, so it is just the nest and den that are the issue here. I don't care to address any legal issues here either, as I have no clue what they are all about anyway. I just hope Ken and Paula will do the right thing, and what is best for the Eagle community....Rich

Author:  thereverendbill [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?

personally I think the more eagle related forums on the net the better cause they are a valuable resource for new owners to look to for information. I personally like this forum over the nest cause of the laid backness and you can say words like "ebay", "craigslist", and "nutter bypass".

To be honest this whole steve business is getting way out of hand and he really needs to be put in his place, but I feel the nest will go away before he hands it over to an enthusiast that will see it as a source of knowledge and not a means of financial gain

Author:  jonb8 [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?

I've been a member of eagles nest since July of 08, but depending on project I'm in and out alot and alway's read alot more than post. But I think personally I'll stay out of all the drama and just hang out here.... :banana: But I'm less into restoring and more into modifying so I don't need the archives/tech as much as everyone else,,,,

Author:  Prafeston [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?

I agree with Bill...seems the more the better, but at the moment with the Nest and Den being mostly identical I don't see a reason to be a member on both.

Author:  IowaEagle [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?

I posted this elsewhere here, but I thought I would share it in a thread that all members can see and comment on.

For what its worth I find the AMC Eagle EVO site is the true "grown up" site by hosting the discussion of differing opinions regarding Eagle sites in general. You would not find this acceptance of free exchanges of ideas on other sites as they feel they are in a self-imagined competition with everyone else.

As far as the viability of AMC Evo, many forget or do not know that when the Nest started out there were not many boards and not much in the way of technical content. There was a lot of socializing that went on in the early days, somewhat similar to what you see here. That all changed as more and more people joined the Nest to provide a broader knowledge base and as the years rolled by, more and more content was added. What you should be seeing at the Nest, if most of the older information had not been accidently deleted, would be the culmination of nearly a decade's worth of member input. In short the Nest of the early days is much like the Evo you see today.

Much of what you see on the Nest, or could have seen, was the product of a handful of persons who spent hundreds of hours nurturing a young Nest and the input from a broad member base. Something that does not happen a few months. Also, many folks do not realize that just because the Nest's membership looks large, less than 5% of that membership actually contributed on a regular basis. If you belong to the nest, take a look at the membership roster to see how many pages there are of those who joined and never posted and then how many pages of folks with less than 10 posts over several years time. Once upon a time, non contributing members, were deleted if they did not have a single post in over a year. The nest did not want to present, like most other sites do, an inflated member count. Its the number of active members that count, not how many you pretend you have.

As to the Eagle Wiki. From what I have seen, the only Wiki that will continue to grow, is the one hosted here. The other two are stagnant and do not have access to the resources the contributors here have to continue to improve it.

Author:  1985amceagle [ Tue Jul 30, 2013 5:31 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?

If I understood this right, all ids will be deleted, and to see the smf version later on, you have to be a member of the new forum? I'm wondering with if it would be a good idea to lock the forum, and leave the id's in to access PMs?

Author:  1985amceagle [ Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Den Opinions Post?;topicseen#msg329945
Ken is still working on reinventing the nest, i hope it turns out well, as he has invested alot in to it. He is even looking for suggestions, which is something old steeve would never do.

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