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Happy 4th of... AWWW FUCKKKKK!
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Author:  p0wn [ Sun Jul 13, 2014 12:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Happy 4th of... AWWW FUCKKKKK!

Well here's a good story for yall. I replaced my CV's because one of them was like spewing grease. The end of it that attaches to the axles or differential or whatever had come off. I ordered 2 off of RockAuto.

I set out for some fourth camping down this crazy fucking road called beaverslide. If you're ever in oregon google it and camp there. It's great. An old railroad is/was there and got washed out and they didn't have the money to repair it... so you get to walk on all these old railroad bridges and tunnels along a nice stream.

I packed the eagle up to max capacity. This was car camping at it's lushest. I ran down beaverslide without much trouble. It's steep as fuck. Going from 1k-1500 feetish to sea level in about .75 miles. Lots of washouts to go through. The beast made it fine, I aired down the tires just in case. No biggy.

IMG_2062.jpg [ 1.18 MiB | Viewed 2155 times ]

The problem came when I was trying to drive back up the hill. First my transfer case slipped into neutral. I have to go under there and manually switch it. So I did and no problem kept going. Then all the sudden -- BANG -- ahhh shit. I look under and see the Passenger side CV has broken. I tried driving anyways(dumb move) because we are 16 miles from cell service and a busy road. And because we're down this huge hill. Fuck If i had brought a big ass adjustable wrench I'd likely have been able to slide out the part attached to the wheel and been fine. But nope. I brought every fucking thing but that.

The attachment IMG_2112.jpg is no longer available

So I drove a little further and then the fucking cv got wrapped around the brake line and was all jammed up bending the tie rod end and some other shit which I'll have to replace but I don't know the name for.

Needless to say we walked halfway to the road, hopped in the back of a truck to the main road. Hitchhiked. I came back and got the thing out with my friend's help

IMG_2135.jpg [ 857.61 KiB | Viewed 2155 times ]
- my buddy not me.

We got it out, I drove about 14 miles before I could get it off the main highway and park it to be towed. I finally got it towed and it's in my garage. Pretty fucked. I have to move in 2 months so I need to get it fixed before that. Not fun but I guess could be fun fixing it.

Edit -- dk why that random pic of me is in there... ha

IMG_2112.jpg [ 561.27 KiB | Viewed 2153 times ]
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Author:  Shagg [ Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Happy 4th of... AWWW FUCKKKKK!

Damn Shitty breakdown. I probably would've done the same you, kept going til shit really broke, haha. Sounds like a neat area though :blazin: .

Author:  amchornet [ Thu Jul 17, 2014 2:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Happy 4th of... AWWW FUCKKKKK!

doesnt say much for the rock auto shaft! cause I know you were taking it easy and not testing any other parts on that dirt road!! It is always good to have a friend you can count on to give you a hand like that also. He looks like he really needs a beer!!

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